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To download a copy of the IAWP Awards Official Guidebook, please click here.  

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The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding, long-term commitment to IAWP's objectives.
--The IAWP member may be living or deceased.

--Past International Presidents are not eligible for Lifetime Achievement Awards.

--Members of the current administrative board are not eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award during their term of office.

--Only administrative board members (officers, district directors and committee/subcommittee chairs) may submit nominations. Each administrative board member may submit only one.

Note: Based on the quality of nominations, the judging team can decide not to present a Lifetime Achievement Award.
In selecting the Lifetime Achievement Award the following criteria will be considered by the selection team. Please describe or expand upon each of these in the Summary of Accomplishments and Narrative sections of your submission.

A. Advancing IAWP's Objectives: Contributions have advanced one or more IAWP objective. (10 points)

B. Leadership Commitment: The nominee should have served in a leadership capacity at the local, chapter, district and/or international level. (10 points)

C. Years of Service: The nominee should have 10 or more years of continuous membership. (10 points)
There are 30 points available. Ten (10) points per criteria.
A. The timely submitted nominations will be divided among three Past International Presidents. The Immediate Past President is chair of the judging team and chooses the other two Past International Presidents. Each judging team member will review his/her assigned nominations. The judging team member will collaborate with the judging team chair.

B. the IAWP Immediate Past President will notify the IAWP International President and the Recognition Committee chair of the results of the selection process and submit any required documentation to these individuals and the Administrative Office.

C. The nominee selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and the nominating Executive Board member will be notified by the Administrative Office of the results of the selection process.

The Lifetime Achievement Award must include the following submission components. The fields will expand to accommodate your content. To view all of your content, please click on the right corner and drag.