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To download a copy of the IAWP Awards Official Guidebook, please click here.  

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The Chapter Excellence Award recognizes the outstanding work of Chapters in service to their members and the International Association of Workforce Professionals.

This could include, but is not limited to, chapters developing and implementing innovative or creative ways to retain and increase membership, creating different and unique professional development opportunities for members, marketing the chapter and association using new or different tools and technology, communicating with members in different and unique ways, developing community amongst members, working to support their local communities and workforce systems, or developing creative partnerships.
IAWP Chapters who have a chapter affiliation agreement in place for the contest and award year AND who submitted their Annual Report for the contest year.
In selecting the Chapter Excellence Awards the following criteria will be considered by the selection team. Please describe or expand upon each of these in the Description of Activity and Narrative sections of your submission.

1. Out-of-the-box-thinking: Does this innovation represent out-of-the-box or cutting edge thinking? (20 points)

2. Leadership: Did this accomplishment demonstrate innovative leadership? Did this Chapter's leadership set the stage for further innovative work? (10 points)

3. Enthusiasm: Has this innovation led to a new product, process or idea? Can it be integrated widely? Does it have the potential to generate revenue or initiate other ideas or exemplary work? (10 points)

4. Impact: Will the innovation bring fundamental change an/or move the organization or the world of workforce development forward? Does it identify new ways to improve the quality of services or programming? Does it identify new approaches for completing work more efficiently and/or effectively? Is the work practical and sustainable? (10 points)

5. Replicability: Can the innovation be replicated within other areas of workforce development or at other organizations? Would it be valuable to do so? Does the innovation plan for successful implementation? Does it demonstrate long-term success? (10 points)
There are 60 points available. Twenty (20) points for criteria 1. Ten (10) points each for additional criteria.

The Chapter Excellence Award must include the following submission components. The fields will expand to accommodate your content. To view all of your content, please click on the right corner and drag.